Business Practice

Whether you currently manage a company or are just starting to build one, we can assist with all aspects of your business from day to day decisions to complex strategies such as selling, buying, merging, and incorporating.

Estate Planning and Administration

We can help you develop a comprehensive estate plan insuring that your wishes are adhered to including Wills, Living Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney.

Family Law

Whether your family is going through periods of happiness or difficulty, we can help. No matter what you’re going through, we can assist with adoptions, divorces, custody, support, or PFA’s.

Oil and Gas

Have you been approached by an Oil and Gas Company for an interest in your land? Whether it’s a lease, right-of-way, or purchase, Attorney Kline has years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry which he will use to protect your interests and get you the best possible deal.


COVID-19 has impacted us all differently. Some hardly notice a difference, some are trying to…

A superior force. An act of God. Sometimes, things that are out of your control…

It amazes me how much this time of year makes us want to become better…

Do you remember “I’m Just a Bill” from Schoolhouse Rock? Bill was a legislative bill…


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